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Posted by Monica on Jul 3, 2017

Benefits of Clay on Your Skin

There are a lot of natural products out there that can be beneficial to your body, either externally, internally, or both. According to the website of Earth’s Natural Clay, one of these products is, well, you guessed it, clay.

Internally, clay can help detoxify your body. But what about externally? Clay has various positive effects for your skin, including the ones below.

Counter bacterial infections

There are different kinds of clay, and each one has its own properties and ways on how they benefit your skin. But most clays help clear up the bacteria in your skin, especially when applied as face masks. Clay can bind to bacteria. So, when you wash the clay away, you are also washing away the bacteria, even those that are deep within your pores.

In this sense, using clay can help in skin issues, such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

Eliminate pollutants and associated allergies

This is the same concept as above. Clay has properties that attract most environmental pollutants, including chemicals, dusts, heavy metals, and particles from dirty air. These pollutants stick to the clay, so they go with the clay if you finally wash it off.

Another bad thing about pollutants is that they can trigger allergic reactions from your skin, which can present their own problems. In other words, clay is not just putting away the pollutants, as it is also putting away the danger of allergies.

Removing excess oil

Skin, particularly the face, produces oil as a natural protector and moisturizer, but there are instances where the body can produce too much of it, especially if it is trying to respond to stress or toxic substances.

It can be argued that the best way to regulate oil production is through internal means, but using clay to help remove excess oil is never a bad idea.

Rejuvenating the skin

Because of clay’s incredible properties that effectively remove bacteria, dirt, and excessive oil, the skin becomes healthier. This will be more obvious once the skin starts having a smoother and softer feel after using clay for a relatively short amount of time.

The best thing about all this is the fact that clay is all natural, so you are confident that there are no abnormal elements that can cause more harm than good.

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