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Hurricane Damage Claims

Hurricanes are among the most destructive natural calamities in the US and, depending on the category one specific hurricane falls into, effects can range from damages to frame homes, snapping tree branches and power outages to total collapse of frame homes, weeks of power blackout, and inhabitability of affected areas for months. Hurricanes are specific types of tropical cyclones characterized by sustained winds with speeds of at least 74 miles per hour. Before getting identified as a hurricane, however, a tropical cyclone will first have to pass through three other stages: a tropical disturbance, a tropical depression and a tropical storm. A hurricane has five different categories, depending on its wind speed, which wreaks more, and much severe, damages as its wind speed increases. And though no one would want to see the fruits of his/her hard labor damaged or destroyed by anything, when a hurricane strikes, there is no telling what may be affected and how much the damage can be. In repairing or replacing property damages, people depend on their specific insurance companies as the source of adequate finances. Insurance firms, on their part, would send independent adjusters to claimants’ homes to assess property damages, sometimes a day or two after the disaster, when not even the property’s owner can correctly asses his/her own losses. The result, of course, is undervalued assessment. In some cases, claims are denied for reasons claimants never understand or, if a claim is approved, release of payment is delayed. These are the same woes suffered by claimants that Williams Kherkher, through an article posted on the firm’s website, speaks about; he points out, however, that a hurricane claims lawyer would definitely be familiar with these tactics by insurance companies, which exist to earn big profits rather than dole out substantial amounts in benefits. While insurance firms can easily dismiss a policy holder’s...
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