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Posted by Monica on Jul 22, 2015

Causes of Teenage Car Accidents

Each year, a significant number of car crashes involve a teenage driver. Common causes for teen crashes and injuries include driving at night, not wearing seat belts, reckless driving, and drinking and driving. If teenagers are consciously aware of these causes while driving, crash rates can be reduced and injuries can be prevented.

Driving at night can be especially difficult for young drivers. Combining inexperience with darkness leads to undesirable results. To avoid consequences, drivers can try to limit time spent driving in the dark, or practice driving in the dark with an adult.

Another common cause of injury is not wearing a seatbelt. While there is a self-explanatory solution, implementing a habit of putting on a seatbelt can be difficult to achieve. Making a reminder to buckle up is an effective solution to prevent injury.

Reckless driving is an encompassing source of accidents. The teenage age group of drivers is proven to have the highest rate of drivers that put themselves in risky situations. Whether it is speeding, texting and driving, cutting off cars, or other unwise actions, the driver is increasing their risk of being in a car accident. Simple solutions are following the speed limit, silencing cell phones to decrease distractions, and exercising prudence while on the road.

Lastly, drinking and driving results in teenage deaths every year. While the legal drinking and driving level for adults is .08, states laws can outline a no tolerance policy up to a .02 BAC level for teen drivers. Drinking and driving is especially dangerous because it is punishable by law, but furthermore can have fatal implications.

Teenage driving accidents can be extremely harmful and emotionally draining. However, if these solutions are employed, crashes and injuries can be reduced.

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