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Posted by Monica on Apr 13, 2019

From Embarrassed to Grateful

When’s the last time you were really, really embarrassed? I know my mom still is mortified by a memory from her childhood where her bathing suit bottom fell off in front of all her middle school friends. Several decades later, she still turns red at the thought.

My dad, on the other hand, was so embarrassed by his story that my aunt had to tell me — my dad couldn’t even manage to recount the tale! Apparently, my dad was on a date with a girl he had a crush on for years. They went to see a movie that everyone in town described as the most horrific ever made (I can’t remember what it was). Well, there was a particularly scary moment and my dad, in a fit of terror, screamed in a high-pitched squeal. The entire theater heard it and the girl he really wanted to impress laughed at him.

That is definitely a moment I would never want to live myself. However, I think that my worst moment outweighs his. I was at work with an incredibly important client. We met at a coffee shop to discuss a deal. The coffee shop had two floors and since we wanted to be able to discuss private matters, we went up the stairs. However, right in the middle of walking up, I fell and spilled my large coffee all over myself and the client’s white dress shirt. There was no redemption or cleaning this mess — it was very, very bad.

To make matters worse, I fell from high enough that I now have a cast on my right leg. The doctor says it should only be a few weeks before I can walk again. But errands around the house still need to get done! My brother has offered to take care of grocery shopping and some minor stuff, but he’s too busy to mow my lawn. Luckily, I was able to research online and find Midwest Lawn Co.

Midwest Lawn Co provides a ton of services besides just lawn care. But as they have expanded their services, they have not forgotten the value of a simple lawn cutting that people like me need. I don’t have a green thumb of any kind, nor do I particularly care about landscaping around my house. I just need a trusted crew of lawn care professionals that can cut my lawn every few weeks while I’m in a cast.

They’ve managed to take care of my lawn once already and now I’m considering switching over entirely. It’s not only easier to let other people cut my grass, but they do it better than I could ever do! The grass looks tidier and cleaner. The edges of my lawn around the curb are so orderly, my neighbors knew it was done by a professional!

It was definitely embarrassing to break my leg and make a mess in front of an important client. However, every cloud has a silver lining! I work hard and deserve a well-arranged lawn. Midwest Lawn Co is able to provide that better than I ever could, broken leg or not.

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