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Posted by Monica on Sep 5, 2014

Personal Injury: Traumatic Brain Injury

Due to its task of controlling the whole body, the human brain is, thus, considered, as the human body’s most important organ. Any force or blow, therefore that will impact the brain and damage it can affect the way it functions which, in turn, will affect the way the whole body operates.

An explosion or a blast, a car accident, or a recreation-related or sport accident, that would cause a forceful blow or jolt to one’s head can make his/her brain bump against the skull’s internal wall. This can cause bruising of the brain, nerve fibers getting torn or bleeding which, in turn, can result to an intracranial injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI).

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may also be caused by: a shattered piece of skull penetrating the brain’s tissues; the head hitting a solid object (such as pavement) during a bicycle accident; a gunshot wound in the head; and, falls, which is very common in children and senior citizens.

A traumatic brain injury can be a serious type of injury, with the effects of which depending on the specific part or area of the brain that has been affected. While some injuries may be mild, resulting only to short term headaches or confused states, a severe head injury can lead to coma, disability, amnesia or, worse, death.

There are times when the symptoms and signs of TBI are not immediately evident after an accident. Slowly these symptoms will manifest themselves, however, through neck pains, persistent headaches, changes in sleep pattern, slowed thinking, speaking, reading or acting, dizziness and moodiness, and so forth. When symptoms, however, will include repeated vomiting, numbness or weakness of the limbs, convulsion and slurred speech, then it best that the individual be brought to the hospital for the necessary tests and treatment.

Whatever the cause of the TBI is, a motor vehicle accident, a fall, a gunshot wound or any other, it is highly advisable that the victim or his/her family consult a Champaign personal injury lawyer or a Houston personal injury lawyer to help him/her asses the injury and the possible legal options, to enable him/her to receive compensation from the person/party through whose fault the injury was sustained.

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